The Gracious Mama Bear 

Gracious: Thankful, Merciful, Compassionate, Gentle, Courteous & Kind

Mama Bear: Protective, Instinctive, Brave & Fierce

The Gracious Mama Bear began because it’s what I strive to be

IMG_9546 (2)Who am I?

Miky Winter -Living the young wife & mama life as well as running my business.

Down to earth, keeping it genuine.

Striving to be The Gracious Mama Bear.

 What’s this blog about? 

I fell pregnant with my Son Theo at 21 years old and I wanted to know everything that was going to come my way, I was a HUGE researcher and let’s be honest, researching can suck! Pretty much anything I looked up ended pointing in the way of death… great! All I wanted to know was the honest truth about what my body was about to go through, how on earth I was going to keep this baby alive and how to stay sane in the process.

I created this blog pretty much so you can follow my honest experience of pregnancy & motherhood, being a young wife and mama and how I survive day-to-day life. I’m just at the start of this crazy amazing journey but I’m hoping my story can either help give some insight, help you understand just how amazing life is or just give you a good honest read and laugh on the ups and downs of my mama bear journey.

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