Married at 19: The Young Wife Life

Copyright 2013
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I met my now husband when I was 15 and he was 18. I was 18 when he proposed and then married at age 19. We then decided to start a family after a couple of years and our son was born when I was 22.

I remember so many people looking at me like I was stupid for getting engaged so young. They never said it to my face but I felt like people were judging me behind my back and were saying things like “it will never last” or “give it a year”. Well, look at us now! We have been married nearly four years and I honestly feel like our marriage is growing stronger every day.

Don’t get me wrong, marriage is hard work! We fight and yell a lot (okay, I yell a lot) There are days where I just want to kick him because I’m so frustrated with stupid little things. It usually ends with my husband making a joke and for some reason I can never stay angry and always laugh, it’s frustrating but I love him so much for that. They say the first 4 years are the hardest and we are nearly at that mark so woohoo haha! However according to my father in law he has a funny line that the whole family joke about. I do think there is some truth in it though and that’s ‘the first 20 are the worst!’ so if that’s the case we have a little way to go but I know we can do it!

Here are just a few of the reasons why I love being married young:

1: We get to see each other in each life stage

I was only 15 when we met! I was in school, naive and had no idea what my life would look like. My husband has seen me through high school, he was my formal date (he took me and picked me up) he saw me get my learners, get my license, go to uni (for a few months), he saw me get my first full-time job and then start my own business. This was just the start of my journey but since it turned to our journey it has gotten so much more exciting! We have had a beautiful boy together and are now working on buying our first home together. Although we have only been together for 8 years, in those 8 years we have been on a rollercoaster ride and I’m so glad he has been there with me through it all.

2: We get to figure living life out of our parents home together

Sure everyone moves out at some stage and usually with some friends or on their own but very few I know wait to move in together with their partner until they are married, and I totally think that is what ruins some relationships, (not all, just some). We were both still living at home with our parents and we kept it that way until we were married. We were together for 4 years before we got married so we knew each other pretty well but living together is a whole new world!

We had to learn how to cook, clean and budget our very low joint income together. When you start out with nothing you learn to be grateful for anything. We were also faced with the task of being with each other most of the time and it was super hard but deciding to not live together until we were married meant we werent set in our own ways yet and we are able to mold and shape each other as time goes on.

We learnt how to live together and that marriage is all about respecting the other person and how they individually function but also becoming one together and making decisions as a team. We learnt to let go of selfish habits before they were formed and that it was now ‘we’ and not’ I’.

There was and still is so many things that drive us both crazy but those things could never tear us apart. I feel like if we had lived together before we were married the little annoying things could have been enough to just say ‘that’s not the type of person I want to marry’ But that’s not how it works, no one is perfect. Marriage is a commitment and those things just have to be worked on every day.

3: We get to start a family at a young age

I have always wanted to be a young Mum and I am so thankful and blessed that this was what God had planned for our lives. I want us to be able to play with our kids and I want us to meet our grandchildren (and possibly great grandchildren) and play with them. My plan is to have all our kids popped out by the time I turn 30. You’re probably thinking this chick is nuts, but hey, hear me out.  This means by the time my last one is old enough we can do the whole travelling thing then and we get to spend more time together and watching our children’s families grow.


It frustrates me when people think the only way to travel is single and ready to mingle or when you’re young. Why not do it with the actual person you love and when you have more wisdom and love for the world? Just because you get married young does not mean your life has to stop. If you both like to go out you can still do it, you just do it together! If you are in uni and are waiting to finish, why not finish uni while your married? Life does not stop! To be honest mine just gotten more exciting.

I’m so glad I met my husband at such a young age. I’m so happy that I get to adventure through life on earth with my best friend. Yes, it’s hard but there’s no one else I want to grow old with but more importantly grow up with, for I think that’s the greatest adventure!

Xo Miky


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