Items you don’t need to buy for your baby


You might be a little worried on just how much stuff you need to purchase for your baby and how expensive it is working out, but fear not! You really don’t need as much as those very friendly and persuasive shop assistants lead you to believe. Do your research and remember there is no harm in borrowing or buying second-hand. Here are a few things you can cross off your to buy list.


I know some people swear by them but I survived without. It’s just an extra expense and again in just a few short months you will need to get a car seat. Just put your baby in a car seat that is suitable for newborn to 4 years and you will be set. I personally think it’s good getting your baby use to being transferred from car to pram etc when asleep anyway.


Baby’s only fit in them for a little while. I think I got four months out of mine before he started rolling and his head and feet were at the end so I had to transition him to his cot. If you get given one, great, but if not just put your baby straight into the cot. If you are like me though he/she will probably be in your bed most of the night anyway so also look into a co-sleeper or push the cot up against your bed with one of the rails off.

Nursery bedding sets & pillow

I was a sucker for these when pregnant. There are so many cute sets out there which include the quilt cover, sheets, bumper, cot skirt and pillow case. You honestly don’t need them nor should have them, just check out the SIDS guidelines. All you need is a mattress protector (for those explosions, vomits, leaky nappies), a fitted sheet and then you put your baby in a swaddle or sleep bag and that’s pretty much it. I got a few gorgeous quilts and one made for my son from my sister-in-law which I love. I could make the cot after every time he sleeps in it but it’s just extra work I don’t want to do, so I use the quilt everyday now as a play mat and snuggle blanket on the couch.

Baby towels

Once again, not needed. They are cute but don’t buy them. An ordinary towel does just fine and they are usually thicker which is better. Even the clean towels you already have are fine. Your baby will survive, but if you get given them as a gift that’s a score because they are super adorable.

Bath temperature thermometer

Don’t bother! It’s just another way for companies to make money on things you don’t need. Simply feel the water yourself. If it feels too cold it probably is, if it feels to hot it is, pretty simple. Just remember your baby is use to being in your womb which is around 36 degrees celsius.


I bought one and have never used it. Actually just the other night I played the music on it as my son was going off to sleep and he was terrified. He then kept staring and screaming at it, so it’s now gone. That was a good waste of $40. If you really must have one, make a cute one yourself or borrow one from someone who no longer uses it like me.

Fancy clothes

Newborns especially do not need fancy clothes. You might think those skinny jeans, tutu dresses and frilly socks look cute but the truth is, they will poop or spew on them and they are insanely annoying to get on, plus they grow so fast so they will only get a couple of wears out of them. Stick to the onesies that zip or button up. I once put my son in a onesie that goes over the head and of course he then did an explosive poo all over it which travelled up to his neck. There was no way I was going to pull the poo over his head so I just cut it off and it went to clothes heaven.


Super cute but definitely not needed. Shoes are to protect feet so your baby doesn’t need them until he/she starts walking. If you can get some handy downs go for it but if not, just save your money.

Nappy disposal unit

I’m pretty sure these are stupid. Seriously just get a cheap nappy bin with the lid, I think mine was $10. If you don’t even want to spend that just put the nappy in your normal bin and empty it at the end of the day. I’m sure you won’t die of nappy smell poisoning.

Heaps of toys

Don’t bother getting any fancy toys, especially for the first  6 months. I had a play gym with some dangling toys that my son would lay under and look at, the oball rattle and some teething toys and that was plenty. I have since been given heaps more which is great and they are beneficial when your baby can actually play with them but I’m not that keen on buying heaps of toys because honestly he usually just prefers cups, shoes, and other ordinary items. If you really want to stock up look on the buy, swap, sell sites and gumtree. A little disinfectant and you’re good to go.

Wipes warmer

Why waste the extra power? If you are really super worried about having your baby have a cool tooshie for a few seconds then just hold the wipe in your hand for a little while. Babies don’t really like having their nappies changed anyway (or maybe it’s just mine?) so there’s really no point in wasting money on a wipe warmer.

Baby washing detergent

Newsflash, babies don’t need their own special powder. Pretty sure babies are humans and are made up of the same things as us, right? Just use what you use! If you are worried though just get your normal stuff but the sensitive kind. If you then find your baby reacts, go from there. Also don’t bother about washing their teeny tiny clothes separately, just chuck it in with yours.

Baby oil & baby powder

Baby oil is pretty much mineral oil and fragrance, which is a nasty combo. If you must lather your baby up use a natural ingredient such as coconut or olive oil. As for baby powder; most are made up of talc and fragrance, again a nasty combo. Those little talc particles go into your baby’s lungs and can cause some serious problems. Just look up the research on how bad these two things are and you will understand.

Swings and bouncers

Don’t go out and buy both, just choose one and hope it works for your sweet baby that you need to put down to say go to the bathroom. My parents bought us a swing for my baby shower which was wonderful! My son started off not liking it, but he didn’t really like being put down at all. Over time he got use to it and it was a life saver when I needed to shower, go to the loo and get some work done. Also don’t waste your money on cheap ones just get a good one that plays lullabies, vibrates and swings on its own! That’s what ours did and it was awesome!

Change table

If you are a bit short on space or like to keep things minimal don’t bother about a change table. You can change your baby anywhere! Just get a portable change mat and then you can do it anywhere! Your bed, the floor, your couch, a table. Another option is to put a change mat on a  dresser where you can keep clothes and other baby goods in.


If you are planning on breastfeeding you really don’t need any for at least 6 weeks anyway so that you can build up your breastfeeding relationship and get that latch right. It is always good to have a backup though in case of an emergencies or for when you need to give expressed milk. However don’t go buying 6, just get one to start with and if your baby takes to it get another 1. Even if you give expressed milk or formula from the start, your baby might not like a certain bottle so just start with a couple and go from there.

Bottle warmer

Another thing I survived without. When I did need to warm up some breast milk or formula there’s this thing called hot water and then you just poor it into a cup or saucepan or bowl and then all you need to do is place the bottle in there and it will magically warm up! Save your money.

Electric bottle steriliser

These things are expensive! You can get a microwaveable one for like $15. Don’t let the advertising fool you, they do the same thing as far as I know.


This is just my personal opinion on things you don’t need to buy but I am sure some of you reading this disagree and are wanting to poke my eyeballs out as you are in love with one or some of the items I said you don’t need, so let me know! I would love to hear your opinions. Please comment what item you love or if you agree with what I said. Make sure to share if you know of anyone on the hunt for everything baby related, you could be saving them some serious money!

Xo Miky








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